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Taking it out on Your Computer
Technology Contributed by CmdrTaco on Monday August 31, @09:50AM
from the smashy--smashy dept.
Phillip Brown writes "Ever had an overwhelming urge to just KILL your computer? Bashing the keyboard and yelling at the screen just not doing it for you anymore? Visit this web site to get the step-by-step guide to really taking out on that box. "

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Deja Vu
by Fiznarp on Monday August 31, @10:06AM
I swear I saw this article on Slashdot a few weeks ago... maybe I'm wrong though.

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...as seen on TechSightings.com
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @10:15AM
Actually I posted this URL at TechSightings.com
last week - can't remember where I found it.

Now I don't feel so bad about one of our
TechSightings editors posting an editorial
on "Internet Connections Long Distance in
Pennsylvania", which he heard about on
Slashdot (which he states) but I feel he
should have posted his editorial in
the /. forum. Whatever.

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      login test by Kurt Gray on Monday August 31, @10:27AM

I just cant watch...
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @10:19AM
I just cant watch... this is too cruel.. I will call you in for breaking the law.

And anyways, what about long term effects? Would you like to get sued that your neighbours get cancer?


:D... This is similair to the Cat-Scan Site.. Cool..
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by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @10:29AM
Go /. effect! Mussin' up members.aol.com!
That'll learn 'em.
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Love little computers, don't harm them!
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @10:31AM
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by smartin on Monday August 31, @10:34AM
I haven't felt like smashing my machine since I got rid of W95 :)
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      Re: Nope by Kyusaku Natsume on Monday August 31, @02:27PM

On a related note
by echo (echo@bucket.ualr.edu) on Monday August 31, @10:47AM
Has anyone seen the movie file of the man who gets pissed off at his computer and keeps slapping it and cursing it, and then finally just throws it off his desk?

Can someone post a URL to it, it's really funny!

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the /. effect
by sares on Monday August 31, @10:56AM
/.e is the -REAL- way to kill a poor unfortunate box. Damn damn damn if I cann't read /.-linked articles I'll end up working! :-) I must admit,cookies aren't my favorite thing,but this auto-recognition is nice.Good work Rob!
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Old News, dammit!!!!!!
by RatBastard on Monday August 31, @11:03AM
Why this is so OLD as to make me sick! This page has been around since before the invention of fire! Dang, but you peopel have got to keep up to date! If an item is more than a picosecond old I don't want to be bothered with it! I mean, I sent this link off to sCary _MONTHS_ ago. Keep up with the times, people. ;) (Don't you just hate those people?) On a related note, ther are several good pages about shooting your computer and the pieces therein. I'll see if I can find them.
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by keith (keith at snoot.com) on Monday August 31, @11:24AM
Go Tom7! This page was made by my friend Tom7 from CMU. Look for some more great stuff at snoot.com in the near future (it's the site belonging to both Tom7 and me)
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Destroying 95
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @11:32AM
Personally, I like deleting 95 much better. Watching it die font by font. Oh the pain, oh the agony. Brings out the sadist in me. :-)

Then shutting down and it telling you that it can't find command.com. I Win I Win! Wait a sec, I hate that word.
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by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @11:37AM
They think there hardcore, eh? Hardcore is defenstrating (use the dictinoary) your computer! 12 floors baby! Luckily, nobody was hurt.

-Robert Neville
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      Re: HA! by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @12:10PM
      Re: HA! by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @12:12PM

caution (electrocution) when tearing apart a monit
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @11:51AM
old monitors can have quite a charge built up
inside them, which will remain after unplugged (i dont know how long). be careful when you are poking around inside of it with a crowbar. dont get electrocuted.
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how degrading
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @11:55AM
I am saddened by the fact that such stupidity exists.. Do people not have anything better to do anymore? Destroying computers "a certain way" for pleasure? Please..
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It's been done before.
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @12:04PM
It's been done before but the others before him have done it with style.

I would guess frustration led him to destroy his pc but note It's an old pc, why not destroy his new pc. Also if he doesn't like being frustrated why the hell is he on AOL?
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Box Bashing...
by sar (sar@hempseed.nospam.com) on Monday August 31, @12:47PM
I have to admit, kewl, but there are quite a few things he missed...
1. Find a high place in the area that has good acoustics, like a dam, throw monitors off.. done that, sounds awesome when they hit at the bottom... but console size TV's do better..
2. Use a lighter on a spinning harddrive (preferably an MFM). Remove cover, plug it in (if it still spins) and turn a lighter upside down on the platters where the striker rolls on it. Makes sparks for only a few seconds till the flint locks, but looks like the 4th of July.
3. Bash smaller (IDE) harddrives with a sledge hammer and scatter pieces onto the spinning MFM (if it is still spinning).
4. Got any broken motherboards, they make for a great BBQ, and they burn for a while.
5. CD's make a really awesome effect in the microwave, only do for a few seconds, but what comes out is sometimes easily formed for beatiful pieces of artwork. A friend did this with an AOL cd and sat it on a monitor sitting on a 386, and hung a sign from it stating there was a virus on that system..
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Logic Board
by Matt Hicks (Mhicks@rochester.rr.com) on Monday August 31, @12:52PM
A better way to freeze a logic board is th dip it in liquid nitrogin (hehehehehe -737 deg. F) then it will shatter into a million peices, and if you are REALLY careful you can extract all the interconnecting wires out of the board so all the components will be stringed together and it looks real funny!! :-)
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old computers never die
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @12:53PM
they just get linux installed on them and then get put in the closet as a mail server.
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Old but not too bad.
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @12:57PM
From: Phil Gregory

I remember visiting this one when it showed up on Geek Site of the Day. Too bad that site's now no longer updated, but there's still a lot of good stuff in there.
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Not lately
by kdart on Monday August 31, @01:59PM
I haven't had that feeling since I abandoned Windows and started using Linux. 8-)
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Re:Taking it out on your computer ***Video***
by Flapper Boy on Monday August 31, @02:35PM
I recently received an MPEG video which originated from some office security camera. This guy just looses IT and attacks his computer!!! Check it out!
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the computer only does what you tell it to do...
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @03:28PM
Never felt like killing my computer... well,
maybe once :-)

However, I often wanted to kill W95 or some
lame W95program (or their creators).

Never felt like killing linux or solaris yet...

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Shattering Computer Boards
by Ryan Kirkpatrick on Monday August 31, @03:36PM
His attempt to freeze and then shatter computer boards was rather weak. He should have gotten some liquid nitrogen, dipped the boards in that for a few minutes, and then hit them with a hammer if he wanted to do it right. :)
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Better way
by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 31, @03:56PM
(sorry about being anon.. can't get to my passwd)
The most fun thing I've done to an old computer is to open up a CGA-type monitor and put a bag of Super-Sock-it (pool chlorinator, Ca(ClO)2) beneath the CRT and position mortar-type fireworks at the edges of the bag and take the fuses up out the cover (having put the cover back on) and lighting it up. The chlorinator burns VERY hot and blows up the CRT. The thing burnt for about half an hour...
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