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Type Designers

  • AWB Font Library - Designer of shareware type faces including Cupertino.
  • Paul Baker Typography - Paul Baker Typography's web page.
  • John D. Banks - Designer of a few handwriting typefaces, including BudHand!
  • Marty Bee - Designer with fonts from Plazm and T-26.
  • Gunnlaugur SE Briem - Some fantastic typefaces are shown on this site along with excellent typographic information.
  • Matthew Butterick - Type engineer, interactive media designer and FUSE contributor.
  • P. J. Cassel - A Graphic Art Enthusiast who has a few type designs to show at this site.
  • Damon Clark - Designer of screen typefaces like Espy (Newton OS and Mac OS) and Skeleton.
  • Matt Chisholm - Matt Chisholm and his friends have a site on the web for their typefaces.
  • Richard Coates - A typeface designed for the creators band is shown on this page.
  • Ben Coifman - Ben has many railroad cars, signs, and R.R. company type.
  • Oliver Conte Design - A few free fonts in the freebies section.
  • Josh Darden - The Letterbox sketchbook of type designer Josh Darden, the Yellow cube is the type section.
  • Barry Deck - Type designer of some of the most popular typefaces around today like Template Gothic and Cyberotica.
  • Luc Devroye - A computer science professor with a collection of his own typefaces.
  • Val Fullard - The type designer of the face Mambo with upcoming releases through Science and Science Dingbats, with a freeware font for downloading.
  • Malf Galt Fonts - High-quality, unique, and/or horrid typefaces and fonts for use on all computer platforms for publishing, copy, and display.
  • Benoit Godde's Homepage - This page (with text in French) has samples of some new type designs.
  • Matt Jalbert - A few shareware typefaces that are really good.
  • Edward Johnston - Historical look at the designer of London's Underground typeface.
  • Ted Keener - Ted Keeners home page.
  • Sander Kessels - A bunch of typographical experiments by Sander Kessels.
  • Max Kisman - Graphic designer and FUSE contibutor.
  • Y. Koren - Grunge Hebrew typefaces, as this site is in hebrew, look for the graphics near the bottom for the links.
  • Ray Larbie - Type Designer giving away a free Windows typeface every week.
  • Patricia Lillie - Patricia Lillie's typefaces are available from Image Club and [T-26], plus some shareware faces.
  • Monib Mahdavi - A type designer and graphic designer in Australia. He is the designer of the typeface Flux.
  • Boris Mahovac - Croatian designer Boris Mahovac offers samples of his typefaces on his web site.
  • Chris MacGregor - Designing type to bring himself out of poverty, Chris also maintains the ITFI.
  • Jason Mark - Computer Artist who has created three typefaces.
  • Laurie McCanna - Artist, author and type designer .
  • Ben McGehee - Unauthorized Type samples from Ben McGehee.
  • Greg Meronek - Multiple typefaces from Greg Meronek are shown on his site.
  • Tom Murphy's Truetype Fonts - Shareware type designs for Windows computers from Tom Murphy.
  • Torbjörn Olsson - Fonts by Swedish fontdesigner Torbjörn Olsson.
  • Dennis Ortiz-Lopez - Creater of many magazine typefaces including Rolling Stone, now has a web "maze" and type samples online.
  • Dennis Palumbo - Some original typeface designs from this designer are shown on his web page.
  • Marty Pfeiffer's Fonts - Typedesigns from Marty Pfeiffer, now with the mega fun 'scooter-boy'.
  • RJH Productions - Designer of Roughedge from [T-26]
  • Henry Rogers Fonts - The shareware IPAPhon family is an attractive typeface with the complete set of phonetic symbols as set out in the most recent (1995) revision of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
  • David Siegel - Type designer and excellent webographerTM.
  • Peter Slingsby; Fonts of Afrika - Fonts of Afrika are dingbat fonts that contain images of Afrika!
  • Brian Smith Brian Smith's type designs, and his feelings about each face.
  • Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts - Several fantasy fonts for Windows, this WWW page will always have the most up-to-date versions of these fonts.
  • Brian Sooy - Type Designer, Web Artist.
  • Göran Söderström - This type designer shows off his Neptuna type family.
  • James Swanson - Take a look at Badminton, the typeface designed by Mr. Swanson.
  • Joe Vanderbos - Illustrator who also designs type faces such as Retrofit Light.
  • Leslie Willmers - This site includes samples of this designers type design work and ideas.
  • John W. Young's Fonts - John and his friends have put their fonts up on this site.

    *The term Webographer is trademarked Chris MacGregor and may not be used without the written permission of Chris MacGregor.

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