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T   O   M     M   U   R   P   H   Y     V   I   I   '   S     W   E   B     P   A   G   E

Welcome to Tom's Utterly Insignificant Web Page! Just another insignificant blip amongst all the other insignificant blips on the World Wide Mess!

Since I have an outrageously low disk quota of 2 megs, I'm going to dispense with all the pleasantries and get down to business! =)

Okay, never mind. A few pleasantries: Hello! Enjoy your stay! Would you like some peanuts?


Snoot Is Here... is a new web page I made -- check it out! Online games, a Choose Your Own Adventure story you help create, Funny news articles and essays, randomly generated recipes and haikus, and much more! You'll like it; Go there.
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You might not be visitor number zero. Yeah, that's right, ZERO. A BIG FAT ZERO because you aren't loading images and so your visit doesn't count. Hmph. Anyway, the count is only.

Here is some of the Stuff to see on this page:
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Tom Stuff

*Tom's Biography - Read about Tom's favorite Stuff, see some pictures, and hear his maniacal laughter.
*Tom's Thoughts - Look inside the Brain of Tom 7, or answer some questions about the world for him!
*Tom's Art - See some of Tom's Art here.

Other Stuff

*Spastic Moose - Visit the official home page of America's Almost Favorite Band! MY band!
*More Silliness - A collection of funny text files and links to other pages! And a funny picture of Reagan!
*Project A-Ko and Other Anime Stuff - Various information and things about Japanese Animation.
*The Official Thousand Spoons Page - See my inordinately large collection of spoons!

Computer Stuff

*The Search For Intelligence In Pi - Search for intelligence, or look at some of the 'intelligence' we've already found!

*Mooseware Games - Visit Tom's software company, and download some original games and other fun stuff!
* [Divide By Zero] Fonts - A whole bunch of really cool original fonts, for free!
*The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer - Learn the most satisfying ways to physically destroy your computer. With color photos and illustrations!
*Stupid Html Tricks - Some lesser-known tricks in html, and ways to crash your browser.

*And when you're done, Click Here to fill out my questionnaire!

&Quot; of the Flumpth:
"Time flies when you're setting your watch." -- Tom 7

Here are some other web pages I've made:

SNOOT.COM is a cool "new-media" online entertainment center -- stop reading about entertainment and be entertained. Interactively created content, randomly generated recipes, haikus and more, Stories and chess games by visitors (and you), not-so-news, cartoons, funny essays, and more!

Carnage Melon - Tom's web page at Carnegie Mellon University. - Another experiment in Manifest Destiny. My Quake modifications are free here, and you can read a short play I wrote in Physics class, as well as play SICO and Schizophrenic Fiction, see my #42 Posse, or download Manarags 2.

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